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SINICARE Placenta EGF Gold Serum 50ml


Placenta Gold Serum
Placenta Gold Serum is an anti-ageing face serum which contains a rich blend of active ingredients.
Placenta, Gold, EGF, Peptide and Collagen helps restore skin texture and elasticity and brings youthfulness to your skin, while placenta extract smoothes skin tone and provides long-lasting hydration to tired complexion.

Directions For Use:
Appl a small amount to finger tips and massage gently into the face and neck.
Use morning and night

Contains a rich blend of active ingredients nutrious to skin
Nobel Prize Winning E.G.F _ Epidermal Growth Factor
EGF was developed to treat diabetic skin sufferers and it rejuevenates the skin. The old skin disappears and makes into new skin.
Placenta Enzymes protect against skin-ageing and enhances regeneration, enhance resistance to allergies, moisturising, whitening melasma- freckle removal, acne relief, prevention of fine wrinkles.

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